Professional Software Development

IT Consultancy and Development allow companies to implement IT strategies and solutions to achieve business-IT alignment, and drive max value from the current IT initiatives.

  • Project Management – engaging third-party experts to plan and oversee IT projects with the goal of completing them faster

  • Cyber Security – Certified ethical hackers equipped with a wide set of skills in the area.

  • Crisis Management – These services cover analyzing your business processes and preparing a response by transforming your IT infrastructure

Since 2014, IT Consultancy & Development has been doing its best to maintain the status of a trusted partner and provided high-quality services of designing, building, and operating enterprise applications of various purposes, architectures and technology stacks.

Our approach

Our Mission

We enable progressive businesses to transform, scale and gain competitive advantage, through the expert delivery of innovative, tailor-made software. Our elegant, data-driven solutions help organizations and people around the world to perform more effectively and achieve better outcomes.

  • Global Delivery – We focus on US and EU markets. We have been delivering solutions to 40+ countries.

  • 7 years of intensive scaling Making our way from a promising tech startup to a mature software vendor serving over 2 Million users

  • Driving Innovation – Capitalize on our AI expertise to boost operational efficiencies, ensure faster time to value, and revolutionize customer service.

Applying the cutting edge of technology to power digital transformation

Our services run the gamut from scrutinizing your business needs to providing continuous software support.

Management Team

We take pride in being consistently recognized by independent organizations as a trusted and reliable IT services provider, employer and software development company.

Lisa Reyes
Lisa ReyesCEO / Founder
Lisa takes care of all our oversees departments, she has been with ITCD since day one.
Mike Reece
Mike ReeceCEO
After 30 years working for Subsystems Software Developer, Mike decided to turn a dream into reality and ITCD was born.
Chris Leeson
Chris LeesonSenior Partner
Chris joined mike following on from Microsoft Sunsystems, Mike is head of Global Software Development

We have been developing software for an emerging new technology in high performance sport.

We were up for the challenge of developing software reliant on input from prototype hardware, and I’m pleased to say the integration was successful.

This project presented new challenges and with our fast response time and solutions‐based mentality we have been able to successfully deliver an innovative, client-focused software solution.

Dean Matthews, Overseas Representative


Leverage our cross-domain expertise and ML knowledge to optimize your business processes. Achieve next-gen efficiencies and slash costs by automating customer support, resource planning, regulatory compliance, fraud prevention, and more.


Harness the skills of our expert architects to build a robust, fault-tolerant solution. Easily scale your system as your business grows — to support a virtually infinite number of users as you move into new market segments and geographies.


Our comprehensive approach to product and process quality covers the entire spectrum — from discovery to implementation to maintenance. This allows us to discover and fix problems early, cut costs, and increase user satisfaction.


We care about the challenges your business faces and we want our solutions to bring you success. This is why our teams offer you expert support after product delivery and work with you to iron out any kinks that might come up during the integration stage.


Capitalize on our AI expertise to boost operational efficiencies, ensure faster time to value, and revolutionize customer service. Tap into ML-driven augmented analytics to gain new insights and dramatically improve decision-making.

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